It’s kinda hard helping your friend when you know that you’re also hurt because of the same guy. The thing is that she doesn’t know that you had a closer interaction with him. It actually seemed that there was a chance for you and him.

That night was one of the best nights and kinda turned to be one that saddens me. Finally, I’m here with him. Beside him. Holding hands with him. Kissing him like it’s something real. 

It was real… For a second. He said that our feelings were mutual at that time. But sometimes, I wished it wasn’t. I wish he didn’t have to make me believe and tell of those what ifs.

Sometimes, I want to tell her that, “Ako nga, napaasa rin. But a lot worse than you.” I can’t tell her that. I have told four people about it. I know we swore that it would be between, me, him and our friend. And I’m sorry for that. 

I can’t deny the fact that it hurt me. I hate the feeling that I’m kind of over reacting because technically, THERE WAS NEVER AN US. It was just something playful that I was too gullible to fall for it. 

It’s gonna be hard bringing back our friendship before that night. But you’re one of the people that I trust the most and I know that is one of my brothers. I just hope you’ll won’t give up or would try to revive what turned into something awkward.