17 Things Only Lazy Productive People Understand


Thought Catalog

Workaholics  Workaholics

1. You’ll have certain days where you get super inspired and decide to clean out your whole room. But then halfway through, you get tired and bored and decide you’ll save the rest for another day.

2. “Another day” doesn’t come for another 5-6 days, so you just spend that time trying to live around the mess that is all over your bedroom.

3. And then finally, miraculously, you’ll get so wrapped up in just getting shit done that you’ll finish this project with about 4 bins worth of crap to get rid of, a brand new organized and beautiful room, and tons of space. Which will last you for a delightful but short amount of time.

4. You’re one of the world’s worst (or best?) procrastinators. You put off doing anything mildly unpleasant until the last minute, and then you work your ass off for two days straight…

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